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Body positive thinking can make the difference between being uncomfortable or comfortable with yourself. However, it’s okay to admit that you don’t have to love everything about your body. Sometimes we have areas that we want to hide a little to make them stand out.

At Bright Side, we believe that instead of “hiding” what you don’t like, it’s better to enhance what you like and wear the clothes you already have without expecting to become the perfect future version of yourself.

  1. Wear sleeves with semi-sheer or mesh fabric.

If you want to look slimmer and balance the size of your arms, wear a blouse with lace sleeves or sheer. The loose fit of these usually doesn’t cover your entire hand, creating an optical illusion to make them look smaller.

They’re incredibly comfortable and cool, and you can wear them in spring or summer, especially if you choose neutral colors like white, beige, or pastels. They can be combined with any accessories and give you a really sophisticated look.

  1. Avoid wide sleeves in the thick part of your arms.
    It is better not to wear clothes with wide sleeves. In general, they are usually wider in the thick part of the arm, which creates the opposite effect of the previous point. In addition, it completely distorts the image.

Simple and stylish, the sleeves can be worn over a bright colored shirt to complement your figure and go better with a loose skirt.

  1. Choose a shirt with wide straps.
    You might think that tank tops are not for you, but in fact, this type of shirt can be a great ally. Of course, as long as you have a wide strap.

There are many clothes with wide straps, such as shirts, dresses, palazzos, jumpsuits, etc. No dress code is allowed, so don’t limit your creativity.

  1. Use 3/4 sleeves to your advantage.
    3/4 sleeves are preferred as they are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are also a very nice sleeve design for large hands. They are perfect for styling, and even more so, they can be worn in solid colors without a lot of applications. You can pair them with wide pants or a big skirt.
  2. Wear the right jacket.
    Don’t underestimate the power of a padded jacket. Roll up the sleeves of your jacket a bit so they don’t sit on your wrists, leaving your arms free to show off your gorgeous skin. You can also accessorize your wrist with watches, bracelets and more.

Skip straight jackets or jackets with straight sleeves, the sleeves should fit you perfectly and the jacket should have a waist.

  1. Choose your sweater wisely.
    Choose a shirt with loose and narrow shoulders. They look very feminine and can be paired with denim for a casual look. On the other hand, a light colored shirt or a shirt made of too thick fabric may not suit you.

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