11 Military Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier!

Did you know that the US military is actually older than the country itself? Originating from the Continental Army, the country once had George Washington as one of its leaders. It makes sense that such an established institution would have some big tricks up its sleeve.

At Bright Side, we believe we should be thankful for those who serve our country, but we also don’t care about lifehacks, and here’s a list of the best we’ve come across so far.

  1. Not only to save water
    While peeing in the shower may be a controversial topic in some households, the medical community believes it can prevent and treat foot ailments.
  2. Put stickers on your feet
    Military boots can be uncomfortable, so this hack is made to avoid blisters, hot spots, etc. You can do the same if you run long distances. Apply adhesive tape to the part of your foot that rubs the shoe the most. You can put a bandage on the bottom.

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