40 Bedroom Tips Every Woman Must Know

Does your sex life need a change? Here is your chance to purify. From sex myths to sex etiquette and tips for better bedroom health, these are the truths about sex every woman should know.

  1. He doesn’t care if he shaves you.
    Indeed. It doesn’t even cross his mind.
  2. Wide shot every time.
    If you care about penis size (and research shows that women care more about appearance than how it hangs), you know that width is more important than length.
  3. All the girls are doing it.
    Masturbating, that is. A 2004 AARP survey found that nearly half of women ages 45 to 49 had taken matters into their own hands in the previous six months. And many women used more than just their hands. A 2009 Indiana University study found that more than half of respondents had used a vibrator at least once, and nearly one in four had used a vibrator in the previous month.

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