The human body is described as a perfect mechanism in which many things happen simultaneously.

In most cases, the human body gives signs that indicate the need for help, but it is important to know what each sign means in order to be able to seek and respond to medical attention when necessary.

Here are eight warning signs you should always look out for, according to the Bright Side online platform. Note the sign #7.

• Insomnia, irritability, leg swelling. Your body needs the magnesium and potassium found in tomatoes, bananas, spinach, and oranges.• Dry skin is a sign of vitamin E deficiency. So eat more vegetables, nuts, oils and fish. Do not use soaps, scrubs or exfoliating masks. Use an oil-based cream instead. Again, don’t bathe more than once a day; and stay in a cool environment.

• Beautiful teeth. Cravings for sweets can be a sign of stress, depression, or fatigue. In this case, your body needs glucose, which is obtained from chocolate and honey.

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