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A saggy belly is when the excess fat that is most visible on the sides of our stomach forms a pouch in the center of the stomach. Wearing tight dresses, jeans or shorts creates our annoying and unpleasant bumps!

As men and women, there is no doubt that we want to have a flat stomach with visible abs, but often we don’t have the energy or time to exercise. Our hands are full, our schedules are full, and we’re just missing out!

That being said, how exactly do we go from flab to fab?

It’s not easy, folks. But it is also not impossible!

Today, we’ve compiled 8 simple exercises to help you get rid of that embarrassing sagging belly! If you want a strong and lean midsection, follow today’s workout and see the difference in 3 weeks. But remember – it takes consistency, discipline, a healthy diet and a perfect exercise routine!

Flutter Kicks
Touch the heel
Scissor kick
Toe touch
Jumping Jacks
Foot drops
Slow Burpees
Raise the toes

They’re all simple and easy, so they’re perfect for beginners! Encourage your family and friends to achieve an amazing weight loss journey. Let’s start!!❤️💪

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