Andrea Valdiri: That was her astronomical wedding cake with Felipe Saruma – People – Culture

Andrea Valdiri: That was her astronomical wedding cake with Felipe Saruma – People – Culture

With guests from the entertainment world such as Daneydi Barreira, ‘Epa Colombia’, Valentina Ruiz, ‘La Jesu’ and Champeta singer Mr. Black, the wedding of content creators Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma has provoked mixed reactions on social media . One of the things that caught netizens’ attention was the giant cake for more than 200 people.

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With a height of over two meters, the cake was one of the most visible highlights of the wedding, because although all 200 guests ate, there was a lot of cake left over. To finish dividing the cake, the couple decided to send slices of cake wrapped in plastic wrap to the guests’ homes. In an Instagram video you can hear the Barranquillera saying between laughter”It just can’t be. Eating pudding for two years, gentlemen. That can’t be, and what do we do now?

Also as a souvenir of their wedding, the couple gave each guest an iPhone 11 and an 18k gold coin recorded with the date of the wedding, and the waiters were given tablets, televisions and cell phones. In an interview with El Espectador, the Barranquilla influencer explained that she is “a very grateful woman and I give the people who help me the opportunity to share my joys”.

During the unfolding of the ceremony and celebration of their lavish wedding, Andrea Valdiri wore three dresses at different times, all designed on request by Armando Amaya, who has dressed Valdiri on other occasions.

What many have dubbed “The Wedding of the Year” has also drawn criticism for the age difference between the couple. Andrea Valdiri is 30 years old, seven years older than her husband Felipe Saruma, 23.. However, the Barranquilla woman wasn’t intimidated by these comments and actually joked that her husband’s collagen kept her beautiful and saw life “pink”. In an Instagram video, she said: “Long live the chickens!”

Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma

Rumors of the beginning of a love affair between the now-husband began after Valdiri’s brief affair of just over three months with singer Lowe León. who he broke up with in late 2020 while he was pregnant with their second daughter, Adhara.

Netizens began to doubt the nature of the relationship between the Barranquilla dancer and Saruma because they were constantly spotted together at public events, even the Santander content creator brought flowers to Valdiri after leaving an aesthetic intervention.

Saruma and Valdiri did not make any public announcement directly claiming to be a couple, but did show off as a couple through their social media. The relationship was confirmed in late 2021 in a video where Andrea calls Felipe’s parents “parents-in-law”.

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