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“art-made cake”, that is the motto of Blanki’s Bakery, a pastry shop in Tampico which undoubtedly transforms pastries into beautiful and artistic pieces.

It has gained such recognition that it even has fans in different parts of the world who admire the way they present themselves the various desserts.

Thirty years ago, Blanca Estela Carrillo, the founder, was a woman who had multiple priorities including caring for her young children and finding a way to raise economic resources.: So he decides to enter the confectionery industry.

In those years he began hissmall store“, Door-to-door sales of sponge cakes, biscuits and empanadas. Now, years later, her children also support her in this activity where she made a good income and her menu grew as she also offered a variety of mussels and cupcakes.

“Always with that special touch and the house recipe that has made many people buy our products”said Blanca, a woman with entrepreneurial spirit and ready to face adversity.

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Her Cakes, cookies, easter eggs and cupcakes They are beautifully decorated, which almost commits a “sin‘ when they eat.

We have a wide range of personalized cakes, cupcakes, eggs and biscuits that we make with fondant, all by hand, following our secret recipe, and in our pastry shop we also use whipped cream with fondant appliqués or with colored edible wafers.” assures the creator who is very proud and happy to have made her business so successful.


In this project, Blanca is supported by her two sons, Samuel and David, who also have a passion for baking. In the case of Samuel, it is the sculptor who makes the characters that carry the cakes, muffins, and eggs.

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“I developed this technique and improved it without molds, using different materials like sweet paste, gum paste, waffles, etc. because if we have something in common with my mother, it’s that we like to make products that can do it remembered and we are very happy that people buy our pastries and even order us on Facebook and Instagram.”

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So don’t forget that for this Easter Blanki’s Bakery is a great option to find Cakes, cupcakes or eggs made with love and great beauty