Cyril Lignac’s advice for a delicious homemade pizza, done right

Cyril Lignac’s advice for a delicious homemade pizza, done right

Bastien, a chartered accountant from Montpellier, would like some advice on how to prepare a Queen pizza and prevent the products used from releasing too much water during cooking. He also wants to know how to properly cook the dough.

First z your pizza dough, You will need 500g of flour, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of olive oil, a packet of dried baker’s yeast (available in supermarkets) and 250ml of room temperature water. Cyril Lignac even choose it a little hot “for a little faster boost”. Then you have to leave Let the dough rest for 20 minutes.

Next we choose the ingredients for the pizza. To prevent it from running while cooking, on Avoid putting mozzarella in the oven. We cook the tomatoes, we put olive oil and basil. You have to put all this in the oven, very hot, 210-220 degrees, so that the dough takes hold and becomes very crispy. Finish the pizza with Mushrooms raw Paris, mozzarella or fresh burrata. “I appeal to everyone’s creativity”, emphasizes Cyril Lignac when choosing the food for your pizza.

You can also make pizza Bolognese beef or veal, which you place directly on the dough. “The main thing is to bake dough and tomatoes or dough and cream,” continues the chef.

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