Delight in Mexico’s Gastronomic Heritage |

Delight in Mexico’s Gastronomic Heritage |

At Nahual Breakfast, Executive Chef Rubí Andrade represents Mexican haute cuisine through creative reinterpretations of iconic dishes from gastronomic and cultural heritage, and the immense melting pot of cultures is expressed through innovative presentations of traditional Mexican recipes. The symbolism and identity of Mexico’s vast variety of ingredients, foods, preparations, and other culinary elements are part of Nahual’s gastronomic offering.

In the heart of the city of Aguascalientes, the proposal of the talented chef Rubí stands out for promoting the Mexican gastronomic identity, always presenting iconic dishes with a gourmet and refined touch. Rubí Andrade, a detailed and dedicated chef, oversees and coordinates the complete elaboration of all the products and delicacies offered in the Nahual Restaurant’s Breakfast, Signature Cuisine. Thanks to the links with producers and suppliers of raw materials, Chef Rubí’s kitchen produces its own flours, breads and cakes, pralines and moles, sauces, creams, ice cream and condiments.

Chef Rubí Andrade knows, appreciates and promotes ancestral techniques and traditional methods in the preparation of dishes, desserts and breads, sweet and savory appetizers and gourmet dishes in various iconic breakfast proposals, using ingredients that have fallen into gastronomic oblivion from Tuesday to Sunday mornings satisfy the hunger and demanding palates of its guests. Artisan bakery, locally sourced cheeses, traditional desserts with creative twists, mixed drinks, fine wines and exquisitely presented cocktails.

Among Rubí Andrade’s proposals, unique and unrepeatable flavors stand out in her delicious dishes, to be enjoyed for breakfast or brunch until 1:00 p.m.:

  • Roasted corn drink sweetened with piloncillo, with vanilla from Papantla.
  • Nixtamalized corn gorditas stuffed with pressed pork rinds, accompanied by lemon sauce, papalo and orchard chili, dressed with tequesquite.
  • Egg Toast, made with artisanal bread using Maguey flour, the sandwich wraps eggs prepared with squash blossom and chilli seed flour, seasoned with avocado puree and watercress, accompanied by Catarino chilli sauce and squash blossoms.
  • Roasted Squash Blossoms artisan toasted bread with mashed avocado and holy leaf, veggies with epazote, squash blossoms and spicy peanuts.
  • Manzanero eggs are served on a bed of golden tortilla, pressed pork rinds and Manzano chili sauce with longaniza; They are accompanied with panela cheese, totomoxtle ash and huazontle.
  • The traditional vanilla hot cakes with cocoa nibs, accompanied by agave honey cream, strawberries, mint and three coffee milks.
  • Among the delectable menu of traditional desserts, the inevitable Borrachito de Jamaica stands out, replacing the classic rum with mezcal from Aguascalientes, Jamaican sugar enchilada, crunchy toasted cream, sweet cheese ice cream and totomoxtle ash.

Rubí Andrade, innovative and creative chef from the city of Aguascalientes, awaits you at the Nahual Restaurant at 351 Francisco I. Madero Street, in the historic center of the city of Aguascalientes, Ags. Reservations for breakfast and lunch for groups are made on tel. 449 5501256.

Head chef Rubí welcomes her guests to her signature kitchen from Tuesday to Sunday mornings between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

With information from: Emma Iglesias / Women of the Agave