Do you have pizza dough and cheese?  Here is the incredible recipe that you can make in 5 minutes

Do you have pizza dough and cheese? Here is the incredible recipe that you can make in 5 minutes

Melting cheese in a delicious warm bread… It’s hard to resist the taste of Cheese Naan. In Asia, especially in India and Pakistan, naan is part of the daily diet. Its recipe could not be simpler since it is a wheat flour bread baked in a terracotta oven or directly against the wall of the latter. And contrary to what you might think, its variant, Cheese Naan, or Cheese Naan, doesn’t come from India at all, but from… France! For some, it would be an Alsatian restaurateur at the helm of one of the first Indian restaurants in the capital who invented this recipe in the 1960s.His idea? Add a French touch to a very exotic dish. For others, it would have been the Gupta family, originally from the city of Bombay, at the helm of the Indra restaurant, who would have been more of the origin of the restaurant in the 70’s.

A 2-ingredient cheese naan that’s winning over TikTok

Today, Cheese Naan is enjoyed all over the world, and foodies are never short of ideas for trying it again. The proof with this extremely easy cheese naan recipe that’s been panicking the web for a few weeks now, TikTok in mind. Quite simply, because instead of baking bread, Internet users use an… industrial pizza dough. The only other ingredient needed is none other than melty laughing cow cheese, like the original recipe does. But it’s entirely possible to swap it out for mozzarella, burrata, kiri, goat cheese and even raclette, for the more daring.

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How do you make two-ingredient cheese naan?

The principle: first you roll out the pizza dough, then you cut it into four equal parts with a pizza wheel. In the middle of each part we put a piece of cheese, then we enclose everything in a kind of ball of dough. Finally, flatten the whole thing with a rolling pin and fry the cheese naan on both sides in a previously oiled frying pan. A real child’s play. Some vary the delights and even add salmon. Ham, tomatoes, mushrooms… anything is possible. It’s up to you to choose how to garnish it to your liking.