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doil never tell you ABOUT THIS: 4 REASONS why you should always urinate under the shower!

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Come on, you can admit it. You peed in the shower before. It’s not something that’s usually talked about over dinner, but we’ve all passed out a few times in our lives when we’re in the shower – now you can pee in the shower and feel better than you do in the shower. ashamed.

Peeing in the shower not only feels great, but it’s also very convenient and environmentally responsible. The University of East Anglia launched the ‘Go with the Flow’ campaign in 2014 after two students estimated that peeing in the shower would save the campus 187 million gallons of water a year. 187 million gallons – just by doing what we all really want to do. (What a way to get rid of eco-anxiety!)

Being green isn’t the only cool thing about peeing in the shower. It is good for your health.

So fellow showerheads, rejoice! You may have spent decades in the shadows, but not anymore. Here are all the reasons why peeing in the shower is better than going to the toilet (don’t forget to wash your feet).

It is economical
The UofEA estimates the new program will save the university more than $230,000 a year in water costs. Your personal savings might not be amazing (although who knows how much you pee?) but who doesn’t love a discount on their utility bill?

Environmentally friendly
“With 15,000 students at UEA, we save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times over a year,” UofEA administrators said. They didn’t explain how much of the pool water was filled with urine, but now you can imagine it. You are welcome. In addition, less paper waste in the wastewater system means less cleaning is required.

It is more hygienic
Many health officials have wondered how toilet paper became the standard for cleaning up after mud. But it was who explained the problem best: “Take some chocolate and wipe it on the hardwood floor and then try picking it up with a dry towel. You’re going to get chocolate in the cracks. That’s why you should get them some baby wipes.”

Dry paper smears the surrounding material, and for women, wiping behind can introduce bacteria into the urethra and cause painful infections. No such problem in the shower, rinse everything with clean water!

It’s cleaner
We’re not as bad as men, but women can drip, leak, or otherwise “fog” the toilet seat. I don’t know how it happens, but it just does. Add toilet paper to the mix and you have a gas station restroom. There’s a reason countries other than America use toilet-like devices that spray water to clean the bottom.

This will prepare you
When was the last time you peed in the wild? It’s not a skill that many grown women develop, and you’ll rarely use squats, but if you ever do, a morning shower will make it easier to pull off!

It will improve your aim
Did you know girls can aim their pee too? We can’t write our names in the snow or put out our campfires, but we can learn to control our flow and direction. Hey, you should have included the Kegels anyway!

It’s fun
Yes, I said it. Adults don’t do many destructive things every day, but peeing in the shower can be your little act of defiance for the day.

It’s not as weird as you might think
In a Today Show poll, more than 80 percent of people admitted to having a tan in the shower. (In case you were wondering, Al Roker was the only one among the hosts.) Peeing in the shower is faster and more convenient. ‘Nuff said.

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