Energy Communities |  All subsidies for the installation of renewable energy

Energy Communities | All subsidies for the installation of renewable energy

With rising energy prices in particular, self-consumption of energy is becoming the focus of consumers. However, installing renewable energy generators is expensive, although different administrations envisage different funding lines.

To make known the various credits available in this regard, lifting EMC organized an informative breakfast under the premise “Local Energy Communities”in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy of the Generalitat Valenciana and Ivace (Valencià Institute of Business Competitiveness).

The briefing will take place on next Monday, May 2, 10 a.min the Club of the headquarters of this newspaper, on the ground floor of the building at Calle Traginers, 7 in Valencia.

In this meeting, moderated by representatives of lifting EMC, the Minister of Economy and Manufacturing Sectors, Rafael Climent, will attend; the director of Ivace, Júlia Company; the CEO of Enercoop; and Ximo Masip of ImpactE.

Admission is open and free to anyone interested until capacity is reached, so It is necessary to formalize the support beforehand by email.

IVACE grants

That energy transition It is also part of the EU political agenda, among others with the adoption in 2020 of the European Directive on Energy Performance in Buildings (EPBD). But it is also present in the priorities of the Government of the Valencian Community, with various actions and initiatives that that the Generalitat Valenciana has promoted in this direction in recent years.

That’s why Ivace will announce the details on that day Guideline for Renewable Energy Communitieswhich aims to promote the measures of renewable energy plants for production and collective self-consumption Grants of up to 200,000 euros per project, with a non-refundable investment of up to 45%; although it can be extended to SMEs and other entities. It is an initiative to promote renewable energy or energy communities, electrical and agricultural cooperatives, town halls, as well as homeowner communities in general.

Free registration for breakfast

Anyone wishing to attend the “Local Energy Communities” informative breakfast can do so, although registration is required by email to the following address:

In addition, the participants can formulate their doubts to the speakers of this meeting. If you do not want to remain without your answer, it is recommended to formulate the question in advance to the same email address.