“Es Pastel”: It has 8 chapters, is inspired by a viral meme, and is a Netflix trend that teaches how to bake cakes

“Es Pastel”: It has 8 chapters, is inspired by a viral meme, and is a Netflix trend that teaches how to bake cakes

When was that Pandemic Strict, many bored people with free time, He started creating his own cakes in the form of everyday objects. That was the success of these recipes and videos Netflix created a series about this viral trend.

on tik tok, it became a challenge Create cakes like a bag of Doritos or toilet paper to surprise users while cutting.


The 8-episode Turkish series set in the 50’s that detonated Netflix in a matter of weeks

Midnight at the Pera Palace is the Turkish-produced series that became a new hit on Netflix, attracting thousands of fans celebrating the novelty on the most popular platform.

“Is it cake?”, is the new Netflix recipe reality show. Participants must guess if the object is in front of them cake is or not. The series It has 8 episodes that last between 35 and 39 minutes and there is a total of 5 hours of fun. He became one of the most popular premieres of the streaming platform this month.

Released March 18ththis reality show is in second place in the world top 10, beating Bridgerton’s second season. In your first week you already have more than 48,940,000 million hours viewed.

According to the official Netflix review, “Skilled cake artists create delicious recreations of Bags, sewing machines and more in an overwhelming baking contest inspired by a popular meme and hosted by Mikey Day. But are they good enough to fool a jury of celebrity judges… and you?


It only lasts 8 chapters, it’s one of the most watched series and Netflix has canceled it

Netflix announced it will not renew one of its most-watched series due to a cost issue in production. Its protagonist has already advanced his new projects for the future.

The show’s producer and creator is Dan Cutforth., who confirmed that memes were the source of inspiration. “Next we do the show. The program was put together incredibly quickly, which is unusual.”

The contestants compete for a prize, viz Cash. In every challenge that is won, the person $5,000 in cash.

The first season of Is it Cake? It can be finished in just 5 hours and is one of the most chosen series to hang out and have fun.