Felipe Ángeles International Airport will pay 34 million pesos for groceries

Felipe Ángeles International Airport will pay 34 million pesos for groceries

Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) awarded the nine-month food service contract for employees at the new airport complex for 34 million pesos.

The decision on the tender AIFA-LPN-SRM-SVS-003/2022 details that the subdirectorate of material resources of the new airport handed over the contract to the company FM Gastronomia SA de CV for 34 million 341 thousand 300 pesos.

That means a little over 3.8 million pesos is invested in breakfast, lunch and dinner for employees every month.

It is detailed that breakfast, lunch and dinner were priced at 186.76 pesos.

It is noted that this contract has been delivered to this company because it is the most advantageous solution offer for the state by obtaining the highest score, it corresponds to the required technical specifications, it corresponds to the times and equipment proposed by the convener, it corresponds commercial and technical conditions.

It is also noted that the company has demonstrated that it has the necessary capacities and infrastructure to provide the services that are the subject of the procedure.

On March 14, it became known that in order to feed the almost a thousand workers who will work at the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport, subcontracting of the catering service for its employees has been recruited.

The bid conditions stated that the company With the award, she would have to guarantee the preparation of warm breakfast, lunch and evening rations for 970 construction workers which was inaugurated on March 21st by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The tender stated that AIFA workers should have a choice of Mexican-style eggs, green sauce, sausage, or ham for breakfast; Spanish cake, omelette poblano or ham with cheese, roast beef and tuna croquettes with potatoes.

You could also choose green or red chilaquiles with chicken paired with ham and cheese, steak burritos, traditional ham pies, bean and cheese muffins, or pancakes.

For lunch, employees receive a warm ration consisting of a choice of dishes, e.g. B. Milanesa and Breaded Breast, Breaded Fish Filet, Beef in Pasilla Sauce, Garden Chicken, Beef Entomatado, Steak Roll with Vegetables, Beef Hash, Beef Meatballs, Steak with Onions, Stew, Beef Hamburger, Hawaiian or Pepperoni Pizza, Hot dogs, beef and chicken tinga, and pozole, roast beef, chicken, or potato tacos.

Chicken with moles, chicken in poblano chili, pork rinds in red and green sauce are also served, and for soup there are noodles, vegetables, aztec, corn cream, carrots, lentils and chicken and vegetable broth.

In the case of dinner, it will be offered to AIFA staff Red Chicken Enchiladas, Beef Tinga Grilled Chicken Breasts, Beef and Chicken Wire, Sopes, Quesadillas, Synchronized Ham and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Chicken and Beef Fajitas, Swiss Enchiladas, Ham and Cheese Club Sandwich Cheese and Ham Croutons.

Sides include green enchiladas, beans, parsley potatoes, buttered corn, Saratoga potatoes, Bolognese pasta, and mashed potatoes and tortillas.

As a drink there is American coffee and tea, plus a piece of chocolate and vanilla shell, donuts, ears, croissants, shortbread, shortbread, pancake or biscuit.