How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affects Your Health

When we strike a pose at the yoga studio or lift weights at the gym, we focus on our form to avoid injury and get the most out of our workouts.

The same should be true of our sleep.

Our sleeping position is important for our health. It affects everything from the brain to the gut. We know that not getting enough sleep can make us feel like a lazy person. But if you’re logging the recommended 7-8 hours for an adult, but you’re still waking up, you might want to rethink what exactly you’re doing to your body after lights out.

Sleeping on the east side has both professional and scientifically proven health benefits. Although our bodies usually look symmetrical, the position of our organs makes us internally symmetrical. The way we rest affects how our system channels and processes waste, and should be part of our overall health aspirations.

You can exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, or start your day with a fresh perspective. Why not give the same attention to bowel movements?

For some people, bowel movements are like clockwork. But others with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and other gastrointestinal conditions may try to cross this item off their to-do list. So why not let gravity do the work?

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