In this Italian city, pizza with mayonnaise is the specialty

In this Italian city, pizza with mayonnaise is the specialty

If we know the intransigence of the Italians for their traditional recipes, many accuse them of their ruthless severity, even their hypocrisy. After all, it would be dishonest not to know that in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, there are pizzas with chips or fries completely revised versions carbonara. The city of Pesaro doesn’t really care about the weight of tradition anymore.

In this small coastal town in central Italy, the culinary specialty is none other than a margherita pizza with hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise: the Rossini pizza. A novel recipe, to say the least, that has become a local pride for all generations and social background combined. No offense to the purists. If one might think that this incongruity is just a result of the tourist rushes that swarm the city in the summer, that’s not really what this pizza with mayonnaise spawned.

local pride

Only in Pesaro you can taste Rossini pizza. And only the residents of the city will dare to praise their qualities. We don’t count anymore on the internet videos and Facebook Pages who pay homage to this culinary snub. The city has even been organizing every year since 2008 a festival This is where young and old come together to celebrate this unique dish, which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.

Pizza is generally sold in three different formats: small pizza (Pizza) round for the morning, in rectangular format (al Taglio) for a snack between meals or in the classic round format for lunch or dinner. In addition to the traditional variant, there are also variants such as the Pizza Rossiccia, where we add sausage. The Rossini pizza is also available as a salad, bruschetta or focaccia. In short, the Rossini is everywhere. But where does it come from?

Mayonnaise galore

In the 1960s, a local baker named Montesi began making small pizzas with hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise. Reminiscent of sandwiches or petit fours, this “snack” was immediately well received in the city. So much so that other shops and pizzerias came up with the idea of ​​offering Rossini pizzas themselves whose name would sound like a homage to Gioachino Rossinia famous composer from the city and especially a lover of gastronomy – other dishes bear his name such as Maccheroni alla Rossini or Tournedos Rossini.

“There is no historical documentation linking this pizza to the famous Italian artist Gioachino Rossini. But his famous passion for good food and the combination of tasty ingredients probably sounded obvious.”, said Marco di Remigio, at the head of Polo Pasta & Pizza, which has been offering this pizza since 1999. For a long time, the Rossini pizza was offered in a small format, but it was only later that several pizza bakers in the city offered it in the classic size. Today it can be found all over the city and it is even said that Pesaro is the city where we consume the most mayonnaise throughout Italy.