“Ladies Breakfast”: 5 keys to get your group of friends together

“Ladies Breakfast”: 5 keys to get your group of friends together

safe in yours group of friends Have you ever talked about a “ladies breakfast” or “from aunts”, in which they can use the first hours of the day to be together, catch up on gossip and, above all, enjoy everyone’s company and friendship; However, we know that bringing the entire clan together is not an easy task.

That’s why we went in search of the Main key so that these Materialize breakfast plans as ladies without excuses or without one of the friends failing at the last minute. Also, all of these tips have already been tested and worked! However, we must warn that this will require a lot of effort on your part and you will probably need an accomplice.

So don’t stop reading if you’re interested in meeting your next time beasts be it a fancy restaurant, someone’s house, a park or any other place you can have that Wanted “ladies breakfast”. Below are the five keys that cannot fail in your organization.

If this is one of the memes that you and your friends send each other, you need to apply these keys. (Photo: Facebook ALV)

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What you MUST do to bring your friends together

It doesn’t matter what age or stage they are in, because whether it’s school or work, there’s always someone at school group of friends that they cannot attend the plans due to their commitments or that they need to organize the plans in advance in order to organize themselves, so you need to take these factors into account.

And in situations like this, we found them 5 Keys to “Ladies Breakfast” and that everything will be perfect, and then we reveal each of them.

  1. The planning begins. The first step is to have a rough idea of ​​the plan, that is, you want to meet your friends for breakfast in a new place that you have just discovered, outdoors or at home. It is very important that you are clear about what you want to do before proposing it to others.
  2. Get an accomplice. Once your plan is ready, discuss it with your closest friend in the clan or with the one who never says no, as she will help you finish planning the meeting and even consider details that you hadn’t thought of. Remember that two heads are better than one.
  3. Present the idea to your friends. If they already have the place they will have this “ladies breakfast” Begin telling the rest of the group. Something that needs to be considered for the plan to go ahead is to tell it separately, so tell your friend to tell a portion of the friends and you do it to the rest. That way they secure a yes of that Majority.
  4. Look at the times of each. If the majority said yes, you start to see (preferably separately) which days are most convenient for everyone and what times they can meet for breakfast. Remember that you and your friend are the ones guiding the plan, so together choose the date that suits you all, because that way no one will dare to cancel.
  5. Submit the end date. Once that’s done, go to your group chat and announce the date for the “Ladies Breakfast”. We assure you that they will all be ready to see each other and live together like never before; If this is not possible, remember that they can meet up occasionally and there is no need to cancel the plan as there will be other occasions when they can all enjoy an outing.

Try these keys for any outing you want to organize with your friends and even family and you will see how you get an overall yes.


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