María León: This is the singer’s breakfast to have the perfect figure

María León: This is the singer’s breakfast to have the perfect figure

There is no doubt that the celebrities have the most elaborate diets to take care of the line show a perfect figure, like it at Mary Leonwho gave all the details to have one breakfast lightweight while giving you the energy you need to perform in both training and other activities.

On other occasions we have shared them perfect breakfast by celebrities like Salma Hayek and Jennifer López, but if there’s one thing we can highlight, it’s that Mary Leon Follow in the footsteps of the “On the Floor” singer as she starts her day with high-protein shakes to help her through her intense workout routine.

Well, it’s no secret for anyone that the singer is also among those women who are most committed to sports and dance, it’s not for nothing that she has one of the most envied bodies in the entertainment industry, distinguished by a slim, strong and incredible Impression marks marked figure.

María León always shares photos and videos to show her talent with sports and dance. (Photos: Instagram @sargentoleon)

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This is what María León eats for breakfast to look perfect

The best part of breakfast who is also an actress that it is easy and quick to prepare, Besides, it’s very cheap, because oatmeal is prepared every morning, one of the most complete and healthy foods. In an interview with the program “Venga la alegría”, Mary Leon gave all the details to keep that up perfect shape.

He explained that his breakfast perfect and nutritious oatmeal with almond milk, although on some occasions he adds supplements that make the breakfast even more complete. “Maybe I’ll put peanut butter on it, some berries for antioxidants,” he said.

On the other hand, he drinks green tea every morning; In addition, as we expected, like JLo, He is a smoothie lover Therefore, after his intense training program to maintain the perfect figure, he usually takes one Protein with few carbohydrates.

Despite his claim breakfast and diet for the rest of the day, the interpreter of “Perro Amor” assures that she doesn’t hide many secrets when it comes to her diet and always tries to take care of herself “from Monday to Friday”, so that weekends are always “given permission” without neglecting the healthy.


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