Mercadona offers a special cake for sale for the day of Sant Jordi

Mercadona offers a special cake for sale for the day of Sant Jordi

when you usually visit Mercadona By the time it’s time to make the purchase, you’ll have reassured yourself that the supermarket chain’s offerings aren’t always the same. Apparently they have typical basic needs in their catalog ranging from milk to toilet paper. However, these items are usually added to others depending on the season we are in.

Because the company John Roig usually offers certain products of some data special offers and what are you typical of some regions of Spain. In this sense, we have already told you about the Torrijas originating in Zamora for Easter or from the cute with figure on chocolate that was devastating for him Easter Monday typical of Catalonia.

Sant Jordi Cake by Hacendado / Mercadona

Mercadona turns the Sant Jordi book and the rose into a cake

On this occasion we will also talk about another regular article from the Catalan countries that will feature next Saturday 23.4. This day, known around the world as the day of the bookis a day marked in the calendar in Catalonia when celebrating Sant Jordi. A day when books and roses take to the streets of Catalan cities and, although not a public holiday, is one of the most special days in this area of ​​geography.

Two protagonists who book and roseyou can find Mercadona in a single product. But they arrive with a twist, and that’s that the merchant turned them into a delicious cake.

Sant Jordi Cake by Hacendado / Mercadona

Enjoying Mercadona’s Sant Jordi cake costs 7.50 euros

You can find this cake in Mercadona under the name of Sant Jordi cake. And it’s available in both physical stores Mercadona like on your site. To be more precise, in the deep-freeze area.

This cake is packaged by the white brand Farmer and manufactured by the company dragon oak deserts, a company based in Logroño. It comes in portions 490 grams, with what you will have for the whole family. and its price is €7.50.

Sant Jordi Cake by Hacendado/Mercadona

But apart from being cheap and tasty, this cake stands out for its pathWhat reminiscent of a bookand also for the rose that shines above next to one Catalan flag.