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It is important to find out the possible causes of pest infestation.

Rats can enter your home through open trash cans, fruit and tree nuts in the yard, exposed pet food and water bowls, and other accessible areas.

Their urine, bites, feces, and even their feet can transmit disease. Flea infestations greatly increase the likelihood of disease transmission to rodents.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or tools to keep rats away.

You will need: peppermint tea bags or peppermint oil.

Before beginning pest control techniques, you must first identify the source of the pest.

How did they get into the building?

In which city is their current home?

Because they are scavengers, they can build their homes even in the smallest spaces.

Once you have found all the possible hiding places, follow the instructions below.

Ferment 4 or 5 mint bags.

When you’re done searching, reveal the bag of boiled mint.

Congratulations! 3. Task completed.

It has long been recognized that the scent of peppermint both deters and irritates mice.

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