Remove SKIN TAGS in just 1 night

Skin tags are common, harmless growths. Of the many home removal methods, some are more effective than others. However, doctors often warn against using it.

Almost half of adults have skin tags. They do not cause health problems, but they can be disturbing.

Skin tags require no treatment and will likely fall off on their own, but your doctor may recommend simple treatments if they get caught in clothing or cause pain.

People may also want to remove skin tags for cosmetic reasons, especially when they are on visible areas such as the face.

In this article, Medical News Today spoke with dermatologist Kemunto Mokaya to find out the safest and most effective ways to remove skin tags at home.

Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags
Some at-home skin tag removal methods are more effective and safer than others. There are many products on the market for this purpose.

Check with your doctor before trying any of the following.

Skin tag removal strips and patches
Skin tag removal strips cut off the blood supply to the base of the skin tag. Without blood supply, the cells die and the label falls off. This process is called ligation.

Removal patches include medication. If a person leaves a patch on the tag for a few days or weeks, the tag can come off.

However, Dr. Mokaya says: “I honestly don’t like skin tag removal, especially spot removal. They’re not regulated [by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)]. A lot of them just don’t work.”

Instead, he recommends removing skin tags in a medical setting.

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