School breakfast suppliers ask President Abinader to intervene in Inabie

School breakfast suppliers ask President Abinader to intervene in Inabie

Santo Domingo.- The immediate intervention of President Luis Abinader for the postponement and correction for the National Institute for Student Welfare (Inabie) out of School feeding anomalieswas requested today by Chartered Accountant and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Advisor, Elizabeth Beriguete.

In a letter to the President, Beriguete considers his Intervention before Inabie for the immediate postponement of the current tenders for school lunches for proper analysis and correction, as they are considered irregular and contrary to the Constitution and laws.

He said the denounced anomalies hurt the micro, small and medium-sized business sector, “due to their inability to overcome the bureaucratic, technological and economic obstacles imposed or RD$1,500,000.00 or more to invest in unnecessary ones.” have equipment available, but they increase the points in the ratings in favor of those with the greatest available capital”.

“The technical requirements, the scoring formulas and the chosen scoring system are discriminatory as they raise the barriers to entry, blocking the way for new entrepreneurs and excluding more than 700 compliant suppliers,” he added.

The Mipymes consultant pointed out that they violate the provisions of the Constitution, Law 340-06, MIPYMES Laws, Ordinance 543-12, Mandatory Standards and their own specific specifications. The principles of profitability, equality and free competition, economy and flexibility, fairness, responsibility, morality and good faith, participation and reasonableness.

In that order, he claims that the complexity of the configuration chosen by Inabie at the time of configuring the tender on his portal makes the process extremely complex and slow, which is difficult and excludes many MSMEs, especially those who have traditionally uploaded and use their offers you no advisors.

It estimates that the above anomalies will suspend about 1,000 suppliers, jeopardizing its ability to supply all centers nationwide.

“Mr President, do not allow INABIE to become the OFFICIAL SLAUGHTERHOUSE OF MSMEs. Contrasting with his good governance and the sermons of officials leading him to believe that if we really are the Cinderella of his government, MSMEs will be protected,” concludes the chartered accountant and MSME adviser in her letter to President Abinader.