School meal values ​​have been updated

School meal values ​​have been updated

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Last week, in the advisory council meeting, the focus of the discussion was on school meals.

Thus, Councilor Clara Bozzano, member of the Block Frente de Todos, announced yesterday on social media the long-awaited increase from next month.

He implied that “We have excellent news to deliver. As always, and as we said in the last session, the School Food Service (SAE) amounts and increases were a floor, not a ceiling. We have a province that is concerned and busy feeding our children and that is being demonstrated here.”

The updated performance figures for the month of May are as follows:
– Breakfast/Snack: an increase of 15.26%.
– Dining room: increase of 24.15%.
– Nutrition Module: 40% increase.

“In March 2022, the largest monthly investment was made. Our city received $39,903,127.32 not forgetting that this month there was a 12.35% increase in Breakfast/Snacks and 18.53% in Dining. Opportunism and political pettiness and a lack of teamwork are demonstrated once againeither. Some rule for the front pages of the newspapers, we for the juninenses”he remarked.

The opposition
A few days ago, during the Deliberative Council meeting, Bozzano had stated: “A few days ago we heard the mayor highlight the leap in quality in the SAE, there is clearly no dialogue between the mayor and his council members.”
In addition, it was detailed by the opposition bloc that the province has invested $74,162,154 million in the Junín SAE so far this year.

“This is not an insignificant number and it allows the mayor to be satisfied with the service. We know how food is being increased, but I think we should ask the President of the School Council to come to the Education Commission and explain to us how it’s being spent and why more money is needed,” added Councilor Bruzone.

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