This Woman Applied Vaseline on Her Breasts Every Day For 1 Month (Ladies, You’d Wish You Knew This Trick Earlier…)

Vaseline is a multi-purpose product that most people use on their lips, rough elbows, and ankles. But have you ever put jelly on your breasts? If the answer is NO, then you should read on because you’ll be amazed at all the things jelly can do for your skin.

Although there is no scientific proof that applying petroleum jelly to your breasts every day, women who have tried it attest to its amazing results, but there is no harm in trying this remedy.

This method is very simple and very easy: apply jelly all over the breast, then apply toothpaste. Repeat this method every night before going to bed until you get the desired results.

As mentioned above, jelly has a wide range of uses, and jelly is one of its attractive benefits.

This product will make your eyelashes grow: before going to bed, apply the jelly all over your eyelashes.
Effectively softens dry and cracked elbows.
Dry Cuts: Put the jelly in a small container and put it in your purse. Apply this jelly sparingly on dry cuticles and hands.
Help your scent stick: Apply petroleum jelly to the areas where you apply your perfume (behind your ears, neck, wrists) and your scent will last longer!
For kissable and luscious lips: dry and chapped lips in fall and winter. Apply Vaseline to make your lips dewy and irresistible. You can combine jelly with Kool-Aid powder to make your own colored and delicious lip balm.
Great for enhancing eyeshadow/blush: dab the jelly under your lids for a nice shimmery effect. The apples of the cheeks can also be given a dewy glow. Mix it with lipstick and turn the cream into a blush.
Many people believe that petroleum jelly clogs pores, but this is not true. All you have to do is apply it on your face, neck and hands and it will leave your skin incredibly soft.
Lipstick Stains: Apply a little Vaseline to your teeth to get rid of lipstick stains!
Makeup Remover: Apply jelly to the Q-tip to quickly remove mascara.
To open the nail polish bottle, apply jelly under the cap and next time you will open your nail polish very easily. Prevent Spray Tans: You can prevent those seriously dreaded spray tans by applying petroleum jelly to your knees, ankles, and the backs of your hands.

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