Visual Puzzle: What is the other cake?  Find it in 5 seconds

Visual Puzzle: What is the other cake? Find it in 5 seconds

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Are you ready to test all your senses? That visual challenges today they are in social media where thousands of users enjoy this type of challenge every day; In addition, they serve as a tool to increase our skills. mental. Find the other cake in 5 seconds.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, visual puzzles became more and more a part of our lives due to the mandatory isolation almost everyone was going through. This time we bring you this logic puzzle that is causing users a headache.

Look very closely at the following image where you will notice several birthday cakes, but there is one that is different from the rest. The mission is to locate it in less than 5 seconds.

Visual Puzzle: Find the other cake

Pay close attention to the details and give this puzzle your full attention.

Find the other cake in 5 seconds. Credits: Little Pleasures.

Answer to the visual puzzle

Time is up! If you are still looking for the answer, don’t worry because En la Hora team will give you the solution.

Other cake solution. Credits: Little Pleasures.

Coming to the end of the puzzle, we know how fun it is to do visual challenges. Therefore, we invite you to look for more puzzles of this type by giving click on the link here, and together with your friends you can further test your skills.

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