WARNING SIGNS That Cancer is Growing in Your Body

Signs of cancer
If you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor. These are the symptoms of cancer:

Change bowel and bladder habits
An incurable wound
Unusual bleeding or discharge
Thickening and lumps in the breast and other areas
Stomach upset or difficulty swallowing
Yellow or definite changes in the mole
Bee cough or hoarseness
Again, if you have any of these cancer symptoms, see a professional for a check-up and test.

Call our Cancer Answer Line – 866.223.8100
We’re here to help you get the cancer information you need. Contact us at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Answer Line (866.223.8100). Two specialist nurses from the oncology clinic and their staff can provide information about cancer and answer questions. If desired, an appointment can be made with one of the Cleveland Clinic specialists.

Handbook of cancer treatment
Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center offers comprehensive cancer care tailored to each patient. For information on screening, diagnosis and treatment options, consult our free Cancer Care Guide.

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