What aromatic plants for outdoor cooking?

What aromatic plants for outdoor cooking?

If there is one king of outdoor recipes, this is it rosemary ! Its scent and flavor, its evergreen linear foliage, its drought tolerance, its hardiness and its usefulness in the kitchen make it an indispensable plant. Its leaves with strong, persistent, herbaceous, camphoraceous, pungent flavors go well with fish, grilled meats and vegetables. A must ? Use its branches, shoots from the previous year, as skewers.

→ PRACTICAL. Let’s avoid the hassle of grilling

This small aromatic shrub, born in the Mediterranean maquis, flowers from the end of winter. It forms an erect bush of 1.20 m or spreads in prostrate forms. Mostly blue-violet, the flowers are sometimes pink or white, depending on the variety. Withstanding temperatures down to -15°C, it can be planted practically anywhere in France.. Install it in the sun, in light, even poor, well-drained soil. The size is imperative so it doesn’t tear off the base. At the end of spring, after flowering, cut the branches back in half, always above the start of a new branch. And all summer long, continue pruning carefully… to recover skewers!

Rosemary in pots, beds or borders

Especially in its creeping form it is a veritable plant sculpture. Placed on top of a low wall, it falls and marries its support. It does well in pots, borders, borders and of course in the herb garden, never too far from the patio or picnic area.

In the garden, the wise show all colors

To be “learned,” tell your guests about his name change. Our botanists are really trying to complicate our lives! called rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis for nearly three centuries (1753), only the genre has changed. In recent years, the botanical classification has undergone numerous modifications. From now on it will be classified in the sages. And is called Salvia rosmarinus ! Let’s bet and hope that we will call it rosemary for a long time.

Thyme for fish like fruit

But other herbs can also beautify your dishes, e.g thyme. Or rather that Thyme, with several flavors depending on the variety, which are also proving to be indispensable ingredients in outdoor cooking. Lemon thyme works wonders on grilled fish as well as in a fruit salad. Wild thyme goes perfectly with vegetables. Roast a few pineapple slices and crumble a few thyme blossoms just before serving… Speaking of which savory and hyssop, complete the gallery of these sun shrubs. All grow the same way.

→ RECIPE. Pizza, a great classic adapted by Jean-Luc Gadreau

Enumerate in the perennial family oregano, apparently. Although inextricably linked to pizza, common oregano goes very well with all dishes prepared outdoors. Its bushy habit and beautiful purplish-mauve flowers that dry easily make it one of our loveliest wild plants for the garden, sun and any well drained soil. To keep the clump elegant and the foliage fresh, fold the clump back to 2cm above the ground at the end of June. It will reform very quickly, very fresh. They will cut it again at the end of October.