What happens if I train in the morning without eating breakfast? – The sun of the lagoon

Beginning a diet or a healthy lifestyle becomes complicated when considering factors such as the time we have or our ability to move at this time or that. This situation leads many people to wonder whether it is better to exercise before or after breakfast, the science explains.

If we take into account that a notion that occurs to us again and again about breakfast as the most important meal of the day, It is difficult to understand that there are so many conflicting opinions on a question that we’ve been hearing for years.

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The reality is that there are different benefits to exercising before or after breakfast, and it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your lifestyle and goals.

On the one hand, there are studies that prove this training on an empty stomach promotes weight loss, but there are others who emphasize the benefits of eating for better performance. The main problem is that the world of fitness is a condition based industry and what is good for some people may be counterproductive for others.

Daniel Escaño, sports nutritionist specializing in high-performance sports in NutritionDE: High Sports Performance explains in an interview for BBC Mundo “It is important and important to eat something before training […] When you get up, it is necessary to eat something so that the whole body can function properly and muscles can work.”

Escaño emphasized when it came to considering other aspects like calorie intake and energy expenditure, as well as the quality of the food you eat.

“The body needs enough energy to be able to function, like the fuel that a car engine needs, but then you have to see what kind is recommended the most. […] Whether gasoline or diesel is better, or what types of lubricants or additives, that would be like the nutrients we put into the body through food.”

For the professional, fasting training is aimed more at high-performance athletes who “are the ones with extraordinary abilities that the rest of us don’t have […] They assume that they have a highly developed physical condition and are already looking at the limit of their possibilities for an element that will allow them to improve even further.

To a normal person, the perceived benefits of sober exercise for weight loss is a contradictory concept.

“The most efficient way to reduce body fat is to eat well and then do high-intensity interval training. […] If you don’t have fuel in the muscle, glycogen, it’s very difficult for you to perform this type of exercise […] And if you do them, you will end up not doing them in the most appropriate way, since you will not have enough energy and its benefits will not be noticed.

Besides, he acknowledged this On an empty stomach, you can do exercises of low intensity and medium duration to activate the body, but IHe insists that if you’re doing this type of workout, it’s wise to consume something that will help make the work more bearable.

Ideally, people should eat breakfast for about two and a half hours before putting the body through an exercise routine, but that’s something that’s impossible for most. Consequently a small intake is recommended about 30 minutes before physical activity with food that is not difficult to digest.

What most people who are physically active are looking for is to improvebe stronger, improve their grades and endure more […] You have to be 100% for that and nutrition is essential for that,” affirms the sports nutrition specialist.