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What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

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Sitting Posture Personality Test: In our previous personality tests, we looked at personality traits like nose shape, sleeping position, favorite coffee, walking style, and more. Today we’re back with another personality test that will show you what your sitting posture says about you.

Behavioral studies conducted by experts have shown that the position of the feet is an indicator of personality. Yes, our legs and feet give us an idea of ​​our personality. According to experts, the feet are based on the commands that we send to our subconscious mind, which is able to move in the direction we want or move away in times of danger and negative emotions such as panic, anxiety, sadness, and insecurity.

According to an interesting study, airline employees are trained to spot people who cross their ankles as a sign of panic or anxiety. During training, cabin crew are taught to open up and ask these passengers more than once if they want anything else to relax.

Key Traits: Smart, smart thinker, punctual, smart worker, likes cleanliness, honest but passionate.

A study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University found that people who kneel straight during interviews are perceived as qualified for the position. They are also confident in themselves and their abilities. They see themselves as healthy and positive, and as a result, they have less insecurity.

Sitting up straight with your knees straight is also a great indicator of self-confidence. These people are intelligent, rational thinkers and punctual in their daily life. They are less likely to be late for any place, meeting or interview.

They tend to work smart and keep their apartments, homes, kitchens, offices, and workplaces neat and orderly. Their home or workplace is likely to be clean and everything in place.

They are honest but quite tolerant. Do not gossip or talk behind people’s backs. They prefer to control or keep their emotions to themselves rather than cause a scene or get involved in a conflict.

They are able to stay calm in negative situations and rarely lose perspective. Their calm mind helps them to detect any changes in the environment or normal phenomena of daily life.

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