Why is Italian cuisine so popular?

Why is Italian cuisine so popular?

Its generous pizzas with mozzarella, its carbonara pasta, its Bolognese lasagne, each dish is an invitation to travel to Rome, Naples or Florence. Few people are not fans of Italian cuisine. Maybe you can count them on the fingers of one hand.

A friendly kitchen

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. If not the most popular. How can this constant success be explained? Even the corona virus does not have the skin of Italian gastronomy. During lockdown, pizza was the most searched dish on Google – a trend that comes as no surprise to Alessio Montenegro, manager and head of food department at COCINA restaurants in Brussels. “Italian cuisine, and therefore pizza, promotes sociability. For example, you can order two or three pizzas and share them with another person. It’s a kitchen that brings people together“.

A barrier-free kitchen

For Alessio Montenegro, Italian gastronomy pleases thanks to the simplicity of its products. Raw and authentic local products. “We need to get back to pizza basics. It was invented at a time when people didn’t have much to eat. It was very easy to make bread, pizza, simple pasta with tomato sauce. It wasn’t expensive“.

Italian cuisine is simple but above all accessible. We all have a pack of pasta in the cupboard in our kitchen in case we don’t know what to cook in the evening. “Italian cuisine is also a last-minute cuisine. It only takes a few ingredients to make pasta tastier with a pesto sauce or garlic with a little olive oil and chili. You can also turn to more complex recipes. Italian cuisine is as simple as it is complex in the end“.

In short, Italian cuisine is endless. That’s another reason why we love it.

Another strength of Italian cuisine: the diversity of its products. “Each region has its own varieties of pasta, tomatoes… For example, the tomato of Sicily is not the same as that of Puglia. She has way more taste. It can be used for tomato sauces, in salads with mozzarella. Above all, you have to know how to use these products for the right dishes.‘ slips the manager.

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